30 Best & Free Notion Widgets for 2024 (Aesthetic & Minimal)

Modest Mitkus
April 5, 2024

Want to elevate your Notion setup to the next level? Add free Notion widgets!

They will not only make your Notion more aesthetic but also bring your productivity to new heights. There are widgets for tracking time, habits, using a Pomodoro timer, displaying inspiring quotes, and much more.

To help you out, we've put together a list of the best ones in 2024. Whether you're a student, an entrepreneur, or something in between, these 30 top-rated Notion widgets can really improve your Notion experience.

You'll find a quick tutorial on how to add Notion widget easy and free at the end of this article. Also, for even more inspiration, check out my list of 30+ aesthetic Notion templates.

Notion Clock Widgets

Notion Clock Widgets provide a simple way to see the time at a glance on your screen. With various styles and designs, they add a personal touch to your Notion workspace. You can pick analog or digital clock faces, choose different fonts, and customize colors to suit your preference.

Some clock widgets also come with additional features, such as the ability to set alarms or timers directly from the widget or display the date and weather information.

Aura Notion Clock Widget

The Aura Notion Clock Widget brings aesthetics to your Notion experience. Beloved in the Notion community, this widget instantly elevates your workspace's visual appeal, and setting it up takes less than 30 seconds! With beautiful gradient colors, it's the ideal addition to enhance your minimal Notion workspace. You also have the flexibility to adjust its size and shape, making it convenient for placing a small widget in any corner of your space.

Get this Notion Clock Widget

Aura Notion Clock Widget

Flix – Modern Flip Clock Notion Widget

Experience a modern twist on the classic retro flip clock style. This Notion widget offers two versions – dark and light – so you can easily switch between them whenever you prefer. With its sleek, minimalistic, and nostalgic design, it's a fantastic addition to any Notion workspace.

Get this Notion Clock Widget

Flix Notion widget

Indify Notion Clock Widgets

Looking for simple, minimalistic free Notion widgets? Make sure to take a look at Indify's page and explore different styles and variations of Notion clock widgets. You will find 8 different types of Notion clock widgets, all of which are fully customizable and free. You also have the freedom to choose the color of the clock details and determine which information is displayed (hours, minutes, seconds, time zone, etc.).

Different clock types available:

  • Digital Roulette
  • Digital Solid
  • Analog Smooth
  • Analog Dots
  • Analog Numbers
  • Analog Tick
  • Analog Trail
  • Analog Planets (in the picture below)

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Indify Clock Widgets

WidgetBox Notion Clock Widgets

At WidgetsBox, you have two options for Notion Clock Widgets. The first is Digital Retro, and the second is an Analog Clock (as shown in the picture). The design of these widgets is bold and eye-catching, allowing you to make a statement on your home screen. Plus, you can customize the color and size of different elements to suit your preferences.

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WidgetBox Clock Widgets

Notion Weather Widgets

Ever thought your Notion setup could predict the weather? Spice up your dashboard with a charming Notion weather widgets, perfect for planning your day, rain or shine!

Widgetbox Notion Weather Widget

Looking to add more color and fun to your Notion workspace? WidgetBox offers three distinct designs for Notion weather widgets. Whether you prefer square or circle icons for daily forecasts, or a five-day weather widget to plan ahead, all options come with customizable color schemes to match your preferred palette.

Quick note: you’ll need a WidgetBox pro subscription to access these widgets.

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Widgetbox Notion Weather Widget

Indify Notion Weather Widget

Looking for a sleek and minimalistic way to check the weather on your device? Look no further than the Indify weather widget! With its modern design, this widget provides you with up-to-date weather information without the need for a separate weather app.

This Notion weather widget is also fully customizable to your liking. You can modify the text and background color to match your personal preferences and make it truly your own. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose the duration of weather broadcasts, from just the current day to up to a week in advance.

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Notion Weather Widget

WeatherWidget.io Notion Weather Widget

WeatherWidget.io takes things up a notch by providing its weather widget in 27 different languages! But the fun doesn't end there – it's incredibly customizable, offering a range of over a dozen themes, 20 cool font styles, and even the option to choose custom colors for each weather icon. This makes it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to personalize their Notion weather widget.

Go to weatherwidget.io

WeatherWidget.io Notion Weather Widget

Meteoblue.com Notion Weather Widget

Meteoblue.com hooks you up with a cool free weather widget for Notion. You get a live map with a satellite view, plus the option to pick metric or imperial units. All you gotta do is copy the iframe-based html code and pop it right into Notion's embed block.

Go to meteoblue.com

Meteoblue.com Notion Weather Widget

Notion Pomodoro Timer Widgets

If you're someone who likes to be productive and get things done, then the Pomodoro Technique might be just the thing for you. This time-management method involves breaking down your work into focused 25-minute intervals, followed by short breaks. And with Notion Pomodoro Timer Widgets, you can easily implement this technique on your device's home screen or lock screen.

These Notion widgets allow you to set the timer for your work sessions and breaks, so you can stay on track and be more productive. But that's not all - these widgets also come in various styles and designs, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences. You can opt for a sleek and modern design, or a more playful and colorful one.

Pomofocus - Notion Pomodoro Timer

Looking for a simple yet effective Pomodoro Timer widget to help you stay focused and manage your time? Look no further than Pomofucus! This handy widget is designed to help you focus on your tasks and achieve your goals, without any distractions.

What's more, you can customize it to fit your Notion workspace with ease. Simply adjust the colors to match your aesthetic and preferences, and you're good to go! Plus, you can even write down the tasks you're working on in the widget and get an activity summary, so you can track your progress and see how many hours you've spent focused on your work.

Get this Notion Pomodoro Timer Widget

Pomofocus - Notion Pomodoro Timer Widget

StudyWithMe Notion Pomodoro Timer

Get ready to take your productivity to the next level with the stunning Studio Ghibli-themed aesthetic Notion Pomodoro timer widget! With 12 different themes to choose from, you can find the perfect design to match your style and preferences.

This widget also includes an alert system with three different sound options, so you can stay focused and on track without missing a beat. Plus, you have the freedom to set your own intervals for working, allowing you to customize your Pomodoro Technique to fit your unique needs.

Get this Pomodoro Timer Widget

StudyWithMe Pomodoro Timer

TODO Notion Pomodoro Timer

Get into the groove with a super simple Pomodoro timer for Notion. Use short time sessions for studying or working, and you'll get a friendly sound alarm to let you know when it's time to take a breather.

Get this Notion Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro TODO

Notion Quote Widgets

Are you a fan of drawing inspiration from quotes by your favorite authors, leaders, or celebrities? Notion Quote Widgets bring that inspiration directly into your Notion workspace! These widgets offer an array of uplifting quotes that you can tailor to your preferences. Not only that, but they also provide various font options, styles, and colors to infuse your Notion workspace with creativity.

Beyond serving as a wellspring of motivation, these widgets can also act as reminders of your goals and dreams, helping you stay driven and aligned with what truly matters to you.

Everyday Quote - Notion Widget

This Notion widget that provides you with a new inspiring quote every day! With a beautiful and aesthetic quote background, this widget will add a touch of uniqueness and aspiration to your space. What's more, the widget's feature of providing only one quote per day makes each quote more meaningful and valuable. This daily dose of wisdom can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Get this Notion Quote Widget

Everyday Quote - Notion Widget

Flocus – Notion Quote Widget

Looking for an aesthetic and free quote widget to add to your Notion page? Look no further than this one!

With 14 different backgrounds and two font options, you can customize this widget to suit your unique style. But that's not all - this Notion quote widget takes it to the next level with its five different categories of quotes: motivational, self-care, inspirational, gratitude, and study. You can easily switch between these categories to find the quote that best suits your mood or needs.

Whether you're seeking motivation to tackle a tough task, inspiration for a creative project, or a reminder to practice self-care, this widget has you covered. With its beautiful backgrounds and carefully curated quotes, you'll have a daily source of inspiration right at your fingertips.

Get this Notion Quote Widget

Flocus Notion quote widget

Indify Notion Quote Widget

Get ready to be inspired with the Indify widget! This amazing tool allows you to access new and exciting quotes from the top five Instagram curators, and bring them straight into your Notion workspace.

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Indify Quote Widget

Minimal Notion Quote Widget

This Notion widget provides you with a new quote every time you open Notion. With its minimal design, this widget is sleek and modern, and it's customizable to fit your preferences. You can choose the font size and toggle between dark mode or light mode to match your workspace.

You can select a quote from five different categories: wisdom, technology, friendship, inspirational, and famous quotes. This ensures that you get a diverse range of quotes to keep you inspired and motivated.

Get this Notion Quote Widget

Notion Quotes Widget

Calculator Free Notion Widgets

Calculator widgets are super convenient choice for everyone, who wants to track their finances, plan their budgets or streamline other tasks more conveniently.

Notion Calculator Widget

A Notion calculator widget with trigonometric functions that can be easily added to your workspace in under a minute. Its green and grey button design makes it a great choice for all.

Get this Notion Calculator Widget

Notion Calculator Widget

Codepen Calculator Notion Widget

Calculator widget that looks just like on your iPhone, except this one you can add directly to your Notion workspace.

Get this Notion Calculator Widget

Codepen Calculator Notion Widget

Minimal Calculator Widget

Another simple and cute Notion calculator, that will easily fit any Notion workspace - from minimalistic, to aesthetic. Use it for both basic and scientific calculations.

Get this Notion Calculator Widget

Minimal Calculator Widget

Notion Life Progress Widget

Time is a precious resource that keeps moving forward. Stay mindful of this fact every day with the Notion Life Progress widgets.

Indify Notion Life Progress Widget

This powerful tool can help you track how much time you have left to live, based on your age and life expectancy. It also shows you how much time you have left in the day, week, month, quarter, or year, giving you a clear picture of how you're spending your time.

I use this widget in my Ultimate Life Planner.

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Notion Life Progress Widget

Notion Life Calendar Widget

This Notion widget displays a grid of all the weeks that make up a 90-year life, with black squares representing the weeks that have already passed, and white squares representing the weeks that are yet to come. This helps you to see the bigger picture and gain a greater perspective on your time.

Get this Notion Life Progress Widget

Notion Life Calendar

Notion Widget Aesthetic

Looking for a powerful set of tools to help you track your time, habits, and goals? Look no further than Kairo Notion blocks!

Elevate your workspace aesthetics in minutes with these Kairo Notion widgets aesthetic. While there's a paid version with additional color and style choices, you can also craft numerous free aesthetic Notion widgets to suit your needs. Whether you're aiming to cultivate fresh habits, monitor your advancement towards personal goals, or enhance your time management, these Notion widgets not only provide assistance but also infuse aesthetics into your Notion workspace.

Time Track Notion Widget Aesthetic

This Notion widget is a great addition to your Notion workspace for effortlessly tracking your time with a personal touch.

With this widget, you can easily switch between time blocks with just one click and see how much time is left for each task. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of colors and block faces to customize the widget to your liking, adding a colorful and personal touch to your time tracking.

Time Track Widget

Progress Notion Widget Aesthetic

This Notion widget is a useful tool that can be added to your Notion workspace to help you quit bad habits and track your progress. Keep your long-term habits in front of you and stay motivated by adding counters that show your progress, such as how much money you've saved since quitting your old habit.

Habit/Goal Notion Widget Aesthetic

A helpful tool for tracking your daily habits and goals within your Notion workspace. By adding a block, setting your goal, and adding progress updates throughout the day, you can easily stay on top of your habits and goals.

Additionally, this widget provides valuable insights into your progress, such as when you're drinking water or exercising, helping you identify patterns and areas where you can improve.

Time Track Widget

Notion Countdown Widget Aesthetic

Countdown Widget

Notion Chart Widget

The Notion chart widgets are powerful tools that allow you to transform Notion databases into actionable insights. With just one click, you can easily embed a chart onto any page, whether it's public or private. This feature makes it effortless to share insights with a team or collaborators.

These Notion Charts are designed to look great within Notion and offer a high level of customizability, so you can tailor them to fit your personal style and preferences. Furthermore, the AI technology integrated into the widgets can automatically generate charts, saving you valuable time and effort.

Get this Notion Widget Aesthetic

Notion Chart Widget

Free Notion Calendar Widgets

Calendar widgets are a super convenient choice for everyone who tends to get lost in their days. By adding this Notion widget to your main dashboard, you only need a glance to successfully plan your days.

Notion Widget: Calendar

Super simple calendar widget that is not only free but also can be created in any color you like, making it the perfect choice for everyone who wants to build an aesthetic Notion workspace.

Get this Notion Calendar Widget

Notion Widget: Calendar

Notion Google Calendar Widget Free

Do you use Google Calendar to manage your schedule, but also love the convenience and flexibility of Notion? With Indify's Google Calendar widget, you can easily integrate your schedule on Google Calendar directly into your Notion workspace.

This powerful widget allows you to view your upcoming events and appointments from Google Calendar without having to switch back and forth between different apps. You can customize the widget to display the information you need, such as the date, time, location, and more.

Notion Google Calendar Widget

Free Notion Calendar Widget

Creating a calendar in Notion can be a hassle, especially if all you need is a simple calendar to view dates. That's where WidgetBox's Simple Calendar comes in - it's a must-have tool for your setup!

With WidgetBox's Simple Calendar, you can view dates easily without going through the hassle of creating a Notion database view. This widget is designed to be simple and user-friendly, making it easy for you to keep track of important dates and events.

What's great about this widget is that it's highly customizable. You can change the colors to match your personal color palette, making it the perfect addition to your Notion workspace.

Notion Calendar Widget

Other Free Notion Widgets

Minimal and Cute Notion Widgets

A whole collection of aesthetic Notion widgets, that can instantly add charm to your workspace. From clock, weather widget to sleepy cat that you can poke to see it roll over and yawn.

Get these free Notion widgets

Minimal and Cute Notion Widgets

Notion Spotify Widget Free

If you're looking for a way to integrate your music listening experience into your Notion workflow, the Notion Spotify Widget is a valuable tool to consider. While it doesn't provide full playback control, it still offers a convenient way to preview and control your music from within your Notion workspace.

Personally, I use this Notion widget to easily access certain playlists for specific tasks, such as a reading playlist for when I'm studying or a workout playlist for when I'm exercising. This makes it easy to stay focused and motivated while I work on different projects throughout the day.

In addition to its functionality, the Notion Spotify Widget also adds a fun and aesthetic touch to your Notion workspace. You can customize the widget's size, color, and layout to match your personal style and preferences, making your workspace both functional and enjoyable.

How to add a Spotify playlist to Notion:

  1. Open Spotify App
  2. Choose a playlist you want to add to Notion
  3. Click three dots on the playlist page
  4. Click "Share" -> "Embed Playlist"
  5. Open Notion page and create a block
  6. Write "/emb" and click "enter"
  7. Paste the link from Spotify
  8. Click "enter"

Video tutorial

How to Add Notion Widget to Your Workspace

Notion Widgets give an instant aeshetics and productivity boost to your Notion workspace. The best part? 99% of widgets can be installed in your Notion workspace in less than 30 seconds and for free!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Copy the widget link from our blog
  2. Paste the link into your Notion page
  3. Select “Create embed”
  4. Adjust widget sizing and placement as you like
  5. That's it!


  1. Open Notion page
  2. Create a block
  3. Write "/emb" and click "Enter"
  4. Copy the Notion widget link from our list
  5. Paste it into the window that popped out.
  6. Click "Enter"
  7. Adjust widget sizing and placement as you like
  8. Enjoy!
How to Add Notion Widget

Haven't found what you were looking for? Make sure to explore our list of 70+ Best & Free Notion Templates.

Frequently asked questions

How do you make an aesthetic Notion?

The easier ways to make your Notion look aesthetic are:

  1. Select and use aesthetic pre-Notion templates for different pages like habit tracker, mood tracker, journal etc.
  2. Use stylish fonts, icons, and graphics to add visual interest to your pages.
  3. Use Notion widgets to add interactive and dynamic elements to your pages.
  4. Use high-quality images or create custom graphics to add a personal touch to your pages.

Is Notion widgets free?

Most Notion widgets are actually free to use, so you can add them to your workspace without any additional cost. For example, widgets like Spotify and Pomodoro timers are completely free. I've curated a list of the best Notion widgets in this article, and most of them are free to use.

How do I get widgets for Notion?

To add any widget to Notion follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Choose a widget from our list and get a link
  2. Open your Notion workspace and go to the page where you want to add a widget.
  3. Click on the "+" button to add a new block.
  4. Select the "Embed" option.
  5. Paste the widget's link into the text box.
  6. Click "Embed" and you're done!

How do I add aesthetic widgets to Notion?

To add widgets to your Notion workspace, you usually only need a widget link and follow these 5 steps:

  1. Create a block.
  2. Type "/emb".
  3. Press enter, and a new window will pop out.
  4. Paste the widget link.
  5. Press enter once again.

Now, enjoy!