The 10 Best Notion CRM Templates for 2024

Modest Mitkus
March 15, 2024

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a digital process that helps organizations identify and understand the needs, wants, and expectations of their customers. Having a CRM is also good for personal use - to maintain great relationships with people who matter to you.

If you're still looking for the right CRM tool, know that Notion CRM Templates are a perfect, flexible option to manage everything in one place. No matter if you're a freelancer, salesperson, or just a person who wants to never miss their friend's birthday again.

To help you choose the best, we have curated a list of the 10 Best Notion CRM Templates for client management & personal use - take a look.

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1. Notion Freelancer Pack

The Notion Freelancer Pack is a comprehensive template pack, providing everything you need to successfully start, run, and manage your entire freelance business from one centralized location. This pack includes a Notion CRM template, making it an ideal solution for anyone looking to elevate their business to new heights. By using this pack, you can efficiently manage your entire freelance business, gaining a sense of control through a well-structured system.

Notion Freelancer Pack Key Features:

  • More than 40+ ready to use templates for your freelance business
  • 4 different workspaces for different objectives: Freelance, Work, Tools, Learn
  • Notion CRM Template: Store customer and prospect data, track interactions, and document important information.
  • Customizable, scalable, out-the-box workspaces for every type of freelancer

Template available here

Notion Freelancer Pack

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2. Free Notion CRM Template

Discover a clean and simple Notion CRM template, free to download.

Keep all customer and prospect data organized, ensuring you never lose track of important details again. Boost your efficiency and client interactions effortlessly. With Notion CRM, manage your customer relationships comprehensively, all within your favorite tool - Notion.

Free Notion CRM Template Key Features:

  • Sales Pipeline. Track and manage your sales pipeline.
  • Contacts. Manage your contacts.
  • Companies. Manage your companies.

Template available here

Free Notion CRM Template

3. Advanced Notion CRM Template

Notion CRM template inspired by the structure of traditional relational CRMs like Salesforce, but simplified. The template features separate yet interconnected databases for sales, companies, people, meetings, and products.

This design allows users to obtain a 360° view of prospects by linking all records of different types to the same page for each prospect.

Advanced Notion CRM Template Key Features:

  • Sales: Opportunities, Opportunity Validation, Lead Re-engagement.
  • Administration: Accounts, Contacts, Events.
  • Performance: Dashboard.
  • Products: Individual Products, Products Bundles

Template available here

4. Notion Sales Template

Looking to capture and manage your sales effortlessly? This kick-ass and aesthetic sales management system brings all your clients, orders, and products into one centralized digital workspace. Plus, it includes a Notion CRM template and various other powerful features to enhance your sales process.

Notion Sales Template Key Features:

  • Home page with guide: Get started smoothly
  • Main dashboard: Monitor key metrics and performance indicators with ease
  • Contacts: Keep track of all your client information
  • Orders: Easily manage and track your sales orders
  • Meeting System: chedule and track meetings seamlessly within the CRM template

Template available here

Notion Sales Template

5. Real Estate CRM Notion Template

This cutting-edge Notion CRM system draws inspiration from popular real estate CRM software. Gain a 360° view of customer interactions and track sellers, buyers, properties, tasks, and communication in one integrated platform. Its modular structure allows easy addition of new databases to capture extra information seamlessly. Streamline your real estate processes and manage client relationships efficiently!

Real Estate CRM Notion Template Key Features

  • Dedicated scheduler page for easy showing scheduling
  • Clients page for customer tracking
  • Task Manager
  • Sales Tracker

Template available here

Real Estate CRM Notion Template

6. Simple Notion CRM Template

Effortlessly manage your freelancing clients and projects using this sleek Notion CRM template thoughtfully designed in dark mode. Organize client information, track project progress, and monitor deadlines all within a centralized workspace.

Simple Notion CRM Template Key Features:

  • Dark Mode Dashboard
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Projects Section
  • Calendar View

Template available here

Simple Notion CRM Template

7. Simple CRM Template Notion

This simple personal CRM Notion template will allow you to track when you need to reach out to every important person in your life, ensuring you stay connected and nurture meaningful relationships effortlessly. Keep track of the latest meeting, how frequently you need to reach out to maintain the relationship, update relationship status, and create meeting notes.

Simple CRM Template Notion Key Features:

  • People (to manage your relationships)
  • Meetings (for tracking your meeting notes and dates

Template available here

Simple CRM Template Notion

8. Notion Personal CRM Template

Easily stay connected with this personal CRM Notion template. Never forget a birthday with reminders. It includes a database for important contacts, catch-up frequencies, contact template for notes, moments database, a guide, and resources on building meaningful relationships, and a complete tutorial. Simplify relationship management and cultivate connections with this comprehensive CRM.

Notion Personal CRM Template Key Features:

  • A database for all contacts that matter ;
  • Catch up frequencies to automatically calculate when it's time to reach out ;
  • Birthday reminders in order to never forget a birthday again ;
  • Contact template to keep notes of important information ;

Template available here

Notion Personal CRM Template

9. Notion Personal CRM & Relationships Tracker 

ever miss a catch-up with this Notion Personal CRM & Relationships Tracker template. Stay in touch effortlessly by choosing how often to reach out and receiving prompts when it's time. Build meaningful relationships by taking notes on each interaction in the person's dashboard. Simplify relationship management and nurture connections with ease!

Notion Personal CRM Key Features:

  • Contacts Section: Fill up essential information about each person.
  • Tags, Status, Catch-up Reminder: Build meaningful relationships with easy categorization and timely catch-up prompts.

Template available here

Notion Personal CRM & Relationships Tracker 

10. Notion Ultimate CRM Board

Elevate your business with the Notion Ultimate CRM Board Template. Seamlessly manage clients and project processes through this all-in-one CRM, Clients, and Project Management Template! Streamline your workflow and take your business to new heights.

Notion Ultimate CRM Board Key Features:

  • CRM, Pipeline
  • Client management
  • Project management, Kanban board
  • Meetings, Daily view, Weekly view, Monthly view

Template available here

Notion Ultimate CRM Board

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a CRM system in notion?

The easiest way to create a CRM system in Notion is by using a premade Notion CRM template from our list. Simply select a template that fits your needs, and you'll have a ready-to-use CRM system with all the necessary features. This saves you time and effort in setting up the structure and allows you to focus on managing your clients and projects efficiently.

Is Notion a CRM platform?

Notion is not designed as a CRM (customer relationship management) platform, but it can be adapted for this purpose with some customization. To use Notion as a CRM for your business, you can download a pre-made Notion template that includes a CRM section. There are many Notion business templates available that provide an all-in-one business tool, including a CRM template.