20 Best Notion Finance Templates to Take Control of Your Finances

Modest Mitkus
April 5, 2024

It’s so hard to earn money and so easy to spend it. And if you have debt or are saving for a big purchase, it gets even harder.

If you want to improve your finances, you have to understand them in the first place. That’s where Notion finance templates come in. These pre-made templates help you track your income, expenses, set budgets, track subscriptions, and more.

To help you choose the best Notion finance template, we have built a list of the best choices in 2024. From all-in-one finance systems to aesthetic Notion finance trackers.

If you’re looking for a system that would help you set and keep up with a budget, make sure to check out our full list of free Notion budget templates.

Best all-in-one Notion Finance Templates

If you want a complete system to manage your finances, go for the all-in-one Notion Finance Templates. They include templates for tracking expenses, budgets, subscriptions, all combined into one powerful finance tracking system.

1. Ultimate Notion Finance Tracker

All-in-one Notion finance template that helps you stay in complete control of your finances by tracking and managing all your finances from one place. Suitable for tracking personal finances and also for businesses.

Inside you'll find a whole operating system with more than 13 Notion templates:

  • Income tracker
  • Expense tracker
  • Finances overview
  • Subscription manager
  • Budget manager and tracker
  • And more

Template available here

Ultimate Notion Finance Tracker

2. Notion Life OS with Finance Template

All-in-one Notion system that has everything you need to manage all important aspects of your daily life, including managing your finances. Among dedicated pages for planning, goal tracking, tasks management, you will find finances section to track your income and expenses, get summaries.

A whole operating system with multiple Notion templates:

  • Finances
  • Planner
  • Goals & Milestones
  • Tasks & Projects
  • Habits & Routines
  • Notes & Notebooks
  • Workouts
  • And more

Template available here

Notion Life OS with Finance Template

3. All-in-one Notion Finance Template

Simplistic design Notion finance template that will help you manage your money in an easier and more straightforward way. Get a complete overview of your money, designed to capture and organize all of your financial data inside one streamlined system.

Inside you will find:

  • Quick Action Buttons (Perfect for Mobile)
  • Account Management
  • Categorization
  • Income Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • And more

Template available here

All-in-one Notion Finance Template

Notion Finance Templates for Budgeting

If you're getting ready for a major purchase or aiming to pay off debts quickly, the Notion finance template for budgeting could be just what you need. Set budgets for categories like shopping, groceries, and eating out, and track your expenses to stay on course.

4. Free Notion Budget Tracker

Free Notion finance template for budgeting. Start by setting your personal budgets for different categories, then track and categorize your expenses to reach your financial goals.

Template available here

Free Notion Budget Tracker

5. Essential Notion Budget Template

This Notion finance template empowers you to take control of your finances. It lets you set daily spending limits, manage all your accounts, and visualize your savings goals.

Template available here

Essential Notion Budget Template

6. Notion Monthly Budget Tracker

This ready-to-use Notion budget template is crafted to support you in tracking and monitoring your monthly budget effectively, empowering you to save more and easily keep tabs on your spending.

Template available here

Notion Monthly Budget Tracker

7. Simple Notion Budget Tracker

A clean, minimalist, and simple budget tracker Notion template that will help you see where your cash is headed, set goals for saving, and watch your money savings grow.

Template available here

Simple Notion Budget Tracker

8. Notion Finance Template for Budgeting

Dark mode Notion finance template to set financial goals and track your savings progress.

Template available here

Aesthetic Notion Finance Tracker

If you want a visually appealingplace to manage your money, Notion’s aesthetic finance templates are perfect. Instead of starting from scratch, just use these ready-to-go templates. It takes just minutes to set up and you can start managing your money in a stylish way instantly.

9. Dark Aesthetic Notion Finance Template with Graph

Aesthetic Notion finance template with a graph that shows you how much profit you've earned that particular year. Inside you will find finance tracker, budget tracker, subscription tracking and more.

Template available here

Dark Aesthetic Notion Finance Template with Graph

10. Aesthetic Notion Personal Finance Dashboard

Have everything for your finances in one place with this aesthetic Notion finance template. It features 10+ pre-built templates and tools to make finances fun, from expense tracker to budget status tracker. Aesthetic anime visuals make this template even more enjoyable to use.

Template available here

Aesthetic Notion Personal Finance Dashboard

11. Green Aesthetic Notion Personal Finance Template

Green aesthetics-inspired Notion finance template is a simple and easy-to-use choice for everyone who wants to easily track their accounts, income, savings goals, and expenses.

Template available here

12. Aesthetic Notion Expense Tracker

Pink Coquette Aesthetics-inspired Notion template to track your spendings, savings, and income. Helps you manage money wisely and avoid overspending.

Template available here

Aesthetic Notion Expense Tracker

13. Aesthetic Finance Tracker Notion

Aesthetic covers and images pre-filled Notion template with all you need to manage your finances. Keep an eye on your spending, income, savings, debts, and money transfers. Stay organized, set budget goals, monitor subscriptions, and more.

Template available here

Aesthetic Finance Tracker Notion

Free Notion Finance Templates

If you're new to Notion and want to see if it's right for you before switching to a more advanced system, try using a free Notion finance template. We've picked out the simplest, easy-to-use options that can help you manage your daily finances.

Looking for more free Notion templates? Make sure to check our full list of free Notion templates.

14. Free Notion Finances Tracker

Free Notion finance tracker for income and expense tracking. Write down your all your earnings and spendings and get automatic summaries. See in which months your earned or spent the most.

Template available here

Free Notion Finances Tracker

15. Free Notion Subscription Tracker

Free Notion finance template that will help you make sure that you’re not paying for subscriptions that you don’t currently use. Track and review your subscriptions, also to save money in the process.

Template available here

Free Notion Subscription Tracker

16. Basic Notion Finance Tracker

Template available here

17. Aesthetic Free Notion Finance Tracke

Template available here

Aesthetic Free Notion Finance Tracker

18. Simple Free Notion Finance Template

Template available here

Simple Free Notion Finance Template

19. Cute Free Notion Finance Tracker

Template available here

Free Finance Tracker Notion

20. Free Finance Tracker Notion

Template available here

Frequently asked questions

Is Notion good for finance tracking?

Unlike other finance trackers, Notion's finance templates provide a flexible way to monitor your money. You can personalize it for your personal or business use, keep tabs on what you earn and spend, handle budgets and subscriptions, and receive reports. There are plenty of free Notion finance templates to explore, all without costing you a penny.

How do you manage finances on Notion?

Managing finances on Notion is easy with pre-made Notion finance templates. All you have to do is choose one from our list and duplicate it to your workspace. Depending on the template you use, you can track your expenses and income, set budgets, track subscriptions, get automatic financial summaries, and more.

Can Notion be used for budgeting?

Notion is the best option for anyone looking to create, organize, and monitor their budget. With lots of ready-to-use Notion budget templates, all you need to do is copy one to your workspace and begin tracking your budget.

Can you connect Notion to bank account?

Notion's new API enables seamless integrations to automate your accounting workflow. Connect Notion to your banks and payment gateways to effortlessly add transactions based on predefined conditions.