The 16 Best Notion Meal Planner Templates (Free & Paid)

Modest Mitkus
April 4, 2024

Struggling with constant thoughts on "what to eat"? Make the most out of your meal planning with Notion templates.

Whether you're looking for a simple daily or weekly planner, a comprehensive grocery list template, or even a specialized template for specific diets like keto or vegan, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs.

With Notion meal planner templates, you'll be able to streamline your meal planning process and ensure that you have delicious and nutritious meals ready throughout the week.

Looking for more templates for planning? Check our list of best Notion Planner Templates.

1. Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template

Have a space to store all your recipes and plan your weekly meals in Notion. Standart Notion Meal Planner template version will give you access to weekly meal planner, recipe manager and inventory list. With a premium version you get access to even more templates.

Template available here

Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template

2. Notion Meal Planner

Take your meal planning game to the next level with Notion Meal Planner Pro template. It will help you plan your meals, track your recipes and organise your grocery shopping in one place. Streamline your meal planning process, so you can save time, reduce food waste, and enjoy delicious meals every day.

Notion Meal Planner with Recipe Tracker & Grocery Shopping List

3. Nutrition & Fitness Notion Template

Difficult to keep track of your diet and exercise? Try this fitness and nutrition Notion Template! Plan your meals and try new healthy recipes with the meal planning and recipe book sections. Stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals with the exercise list and workout tracker.

Template available here

Nutrition & Fitness Notion Template

4. Notion Meal Planning System

A simple and straightforward Notion template for meal planning and recipe organization. Has collections and tags make it simple to keep track of your recipes. Easy to make make a grocery list from the ingredients list.

Template available here

Notion Meal Planning System

5. Free Meal Planner

Efficiently plan your weekly meals with a well-balanced and varied menu with this Notion template. Simply jot down meal ideas for each day using a user-friendly Notion Meal Planner layout and easily keep track of your favorite recipes for future reference.

Template available here

Free Meal Planner

6. Weekly Meal Planner - Plan Your Meals in Notion

Having trouble deciding what to eat each day? With this Notion Weekly Meal Planner template, all you have to do is take 5 to 10 minutes each week to plan what your are going to eat for each meal of the week to come, prepare your grocery list and buy only what you need.

Template available here

Weekly Meal Planner - Plan Your Meals in Notion

7. Ultimate Meal planner - Notion Dashboard

With this template you can organize your meals and groceries effortlessly. Easily create shopping lists and categorize items to simplify your shopping, keep track of your ingredient inventory; store and access your favorite recipes and more!

Template available here

Ultimate Meal planner - Notion Dashboard

8. Notion Template - Weekly Meal Planner

Want to stremline your meal planning proccess and make it more easy? Use this free and simple to use Notion Meal Planner to plan your weekly meals, list down things to buy and save recipes for easy viewing when needed.

Template available here

Notion Template - Weekly Meal Planner

9. Notion Meal Planner (Minimalist)

Looking for really simple, sleek and minimalistic Meal Planner? Whether you're a beginner in the kitchen or an experienced cook, this template is perfect for you. Effortlessly track your meal plans, ingredients, recipes, and grocery lists.

Template available here

Notion Meal Planner (Minimalist)

10. Meal Planner (Notion Template)

Do you struggle with meal prep, and never know what to buy at the grocery store? Try this free Notion Meal Plan Template. Plan your weekly meals and get your groceries list auto-generated.

Template available here

Meal Planner (Notion Template)

11. Limitless Notion Meal Planner & Recipes Template

Have your own digital recipe book in Notion. Add new recipes, grow your list of ingredients, filter your recipes easily by ingredients, course, cuisine, time, difficulty, etc. and plan your meals!

Template available here

Limitless Notion Meal Planner & Recipes Template

12. Notion Recipe Manager & Meal Planner

Looking for a meal planner that would help you track your calories as well? Look no more - this Notion template helps you organize your recipes, plan your meals and prep them efficiently. It comes packed with tons of features, including a calories calculator and a list of 300+pre-entered food items with icons and their calories.

Template available here

Notion Recipe Manager & Meal Planner

13. Notion Weekly Meal Planner

Simple Notion template, that helps you easily plan your meals for the week ahead. The prefilled recipe examples serve as a great starting point, providing inspiration and ideas for creating delicious and balanced meals.

Template available here

Notion Weekly Meal Planner

14. Aesthetic Notion Meal Planner

Plan your meals in an organized and aesthetic way. This Notion template is a straightforward, customisable, clean planner that will help you keep track of your meals and  track your groceries, pantry, and diet plans.

Aesthetic Notion Meal Planner

15. Easy-to-Use Notion Meal Planner

Plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner ahead with this aesthetic and easy-to-use Notion meal planner. The template comes with additional features like a recipe book, calorie counter, grocery list, and more.

Easy-to-Use Notion Meal Planner

16. Notion Meal Planner and Calories Calculator

Want to get more insights on what you're eating? Use this Notion planner. Create your food and recipes, and add them to your calendar to have a complete overview of your calorie and macro intakes for each day!

Template available here

Notion Meal Planner and Calories Calculator

Haven't found what you were looking for? Make sure to explore our list of 70+ Best & Free Notion Templates.

Frequently asked questions

Can you use Notion for meal planning?

Absolutely! Notion is a versatile tool that can be utilized for meal planning. Its customizable features and flexible layout make it perfect for creating meal plans, organizing recipes, and tracking grocery lists. You can create dedicated databases or tables to store your favorite recipes, categorize them by cuisine or dietary preferences, and even add tags for easy searching.

How does meal planning in Notion looks like?

Meal planning in Notion can be a highly organized and efficient process. You can create different databases or tables to track various aspects of your meal planning, such as recipes, ingredients, and meal schedules.

Can I store my recipes in Notion?

Absolutely! Notion is a versatile tool that allows you to store not only your meal recipes but also organize them in a way that suits your needs. You can create a dedicated database or table within Notion where you can input all the details of your recipes, including ingredients, instructions, cooking time, and even add images for reference.