8 Best Notion Stoic Templates (Become Calmer and Happier)

Modest Mitkus
April 4, 2024

Stoicism is a philosophy that focuses on the idea that people can train their minds to be happy and content with what they have. This philosophy is incredibly useful for modern people, and you can apply it to your daily life with Notion's Stoic templates.

We've created the list to help you choose the best template. Looking for a Notion system to help you plan and achieve your goals effortlessly? Check my Ultimate Life Planner.

1. Premium Notion Stoic Template

Want to implement Stoicism to your daily life? The Premium Stoic Journaling Template for Notion addresses common challenges like lack of structure in self-reflection, inconsistency in journaling, applying Stoic principles, managing stress, and tracking personal growth. This Notion Stoic Template helps you apply Stoic philosophy, encourages regular journaling, and promotes resilience. With daily Stoic quotes for inspiration, it goes beyond a typical journaling template, supporting personal growth and a more fulfilling life.

Premium Notion Stoic Template Key Features:

  • 366 Stoic quotes for each day of the year
  • Rate your daily commitment to Stoic principles
  • Weekly, monthly, and annual reviews

Template available here

Premium Notion Stoic Template

2. Free Notion Stoic Journaling Template

Unlock the Power of Stoicism with this free Notion Stoic template for journaling.

In a world filled with noise and constant pursuit, Stoicism offers an antidote—a timeless guide to finding contentment in the present and living a meaningful life. My Stoic Journaling Template for Notion brings the wisdom of the Stoics to your daily life, providing a structured and flexible journaling practice

Free Notion Stoic Journaling Template Key Features:

  • Reflect on Stoic principles and how they apply to your life.
  • Cultivate gratitude, mindfulness, and presence.
  • Navigate life's ups and downs with equanimity.
  • Develop virtues like wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance.

Template available here

Free Notion Stoic Journaling Template

3. Notion Stoic Template - Journal

Improve your journaling experience in a way you've never thought possible with this lightweight and digital stoic calendar made with love in Notion. Find even more Notion journaling templates here.

Inside these Notion Stoic Templates, you'll find five applied Stoic methods:

  • Marcus Aurelius Method. Heavy journaling with morning, afternoon, and evening check-in, just like Marcus Aurelius did to create his legacy of Meditations.
  • Epictetus Method. Lightweight evening journaling to you help reflect on the day, as Epictetus says: "When the light has been removed and my wife has fallen silent, aware of this habit that’s now mine, I examine my entire day and go back over what I’ve done and said, hiding nothing from myself, passing nothing by."
  • 4 Virtues Method. Journal writing prompts are based on the principle of the 4 stoic virtues of Courage, Justice, Temperance & Wisdom. You'll see life in a different way and become more stoic.
  • Gravestone Method. Journaling helps you zoom out and see things from a future perspective, looking back at the past and seeing it for what it is - the nothingness. A new way of journaling stoic.
  • Free Writing

Template available here

Notion Stoic Templates - Journal

4. Focus & Meaning OS

The Focus & Meaning OS is a comprehensive tool that helps you focus on your goals and lead a fulfilling life. It includes everything you need to track your progress and stay motivated, all in one easy-to-use page.

Based on the teachings of the Stoics, this template is a proven way to cultivate self-development and personal growth.

This Notion template key features:

  • Proven ways of structuring your day;
  • Writing reflections;
  • Figuring out a meaning in your life;
  • Setting & tracking goals;
  • Stoic principles to base reflections on;
  • Comprehensive video walk-throughs & embedded notes for all parts;
  • Bonus content.

Template available here

Focus & Meaning OS

5. Notion Stoic Template - Calendar

A simple and lightweight stoic calendar made in vanilla Notion with no slow addons or plugins, that integrates weekly mortality reminders directly into your digital space.

  1. Set up the calendar to your current age;
  2. Realize how much of your life you've already lived and then decide to appreciate the rest by living it better;
  3. Check-in weekly to check off a box for every new week you're alive and be reminded of your mortality every time.

Template available here

Notion Stoic Templates - Calendar

6. 366 Stoic Quotes of the Day - Notion Template Widget

This Notion Stoic template provides a daily dose of inspiration and wisdom from some of the greatest Stoic philosophers, such as Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus.

With 366 quotes to choose from, you can get a new quote every day of the year. This template-widget is not only a source of motivation, but it also helps you learn more about the philosophy of Stoicism.

Template available here

366 Stoic Quotes of the Day for Entrepreneurs

7. Notion Stoic Template - Journal

A digital daily journal built entirely in Notion. Inspired by the Stoics and other contemporary journaling approaches. These Notion Stoic Templates help you collect, connect and organize your thoughts with quick capture, calendar view, content tags, and prompted templates.

14 prompted entry templates are filled with prompts and provocations to help you reflect and grow in guided writing. Customize & update as you wish!

Template available here

A Stoic Notion: The Prompted Digital Journal

8. Notion Stoic Templates Bundle

Manage your entire life as a Stoic from one place, digitally.Stoic Life OS is a complete stoic Notion workspace/operating system to manage your entire life, with more than 25+ templates inside, all designed to make your life easier.

With these Notion Stoic Templates you'll be able to create your life vision and long term goals, track habits and stay on top of routines, prioritize purchases from your wishlist and much more.

It has different workspaces like "Lifestyle", "Growth", "Planning", "Tools", and even more:

  • Wiki: Learn from the pre-filled info on stoicism, vitamins & nootropics, and even add your own knowledge sections;
  • Library: Keep track of books you have and how far you've read. Review your favorite books and some add some to the wishlist;
  • Database: Fill your database with recipes, quotes, principles, movies and ideas. Or customize them and add your own categories.

Template available here

Notion Stoic Templates - Stoic Life OS

Haven't found what you were looking for? Make sure to explore our list of 70+ Best & Free Notion Templates.

Frequently asked questions

What is Stoic journaling?

Stoic journaling is a practice rooted in Stoic philosophy, where individuals reflect on their thoughts, actions, and emotions to cultivate wisdom and resilience. It involves examining daily experiences, applying Stoic principles, and gaining insights into personal growth.
To begin your Stoic journaling journey, consider using the Notion Stoic Journaling Template as your trusted companion. This template not only provides guidance but also allows you to effortlessly track your progress, empowering you to embrace Stoic principles and foster personal growth with ease.