12 Free & Aesthetic Notion Bullet Journal Templates

Modest Mitkus
July 2, 2024

Looking to be more organized, productive, and mindful? A Notion bullet journal might be exactly what you need.

Whether you want a more aesthetic way to plan your days or a simple dashboard to organize your days, notes, and goals, you're in the right place.

We've hand-picked the best aesthetic Notion bullet journal templates for 2024. The best part? Most of them are free. You will also find a tutorial on how to use Notion as a bullet journal and learn how to build a bullet journal on your own.

Also, check out our list of the best Notion templates for your goals.

1. Notion Bullet Journal

All-in-one Notion bullet journal that will help you track your habits and goals, organize tasks, and have a dedicated space for your feelings and thoughts. Created with minimalist aesthetics, filled with beautiful visuals.

Template available here

Notion Bullet Journal

2. Free Notion Bullet Journal Template

Looking for small things to improve your life? Download this free Notion bullet journal. It offers space for your thoughts, tasks, notes, habits, and more. The template is easy to use, even for Notion beginners. Its minimal design suits both minimalists and those who want to customize it to their own aesthetics.

Template available here

3. Aesthetic Notion Bullet Journal

Simple and aesthetic bullet journal in dark Notion mode. Inside, you'll find spaces for morning affirmations, things you're grateful for, today's intentions, etc., making this template great for anyone wanting more mindfulness in their daily life.

Template available here

Aesthetic Notion Bullet Journal

4. Minimal Bullet Journal for Notion

All-in-one Notion bullet journal template combines your tasks and events with journaling, mood, and habit tracking. It presents everything in a simple, easy-to-use way. The quick actions section makes this template comfortable to use on mobile too.

Template available here

Minimal Bullet Journal for Notion

5. Aesthetic Bullet Journal - Notion Life Planner

Looking for an aesthetic space to capture your daily thoughts, notes, books, course notes, and more? This Notion bullet journal - life planner has everything, plus aesthetic widgets, icons, and images as a bonus.

Template available here

Aesthetic Bullet Journal - Notion Life Planner

6. Gamified Notion Bullet Journal

Turn your life into a game with an aesthetic bullet journal on Notion. It blends gamification with daily activities like habits, tasks, goals, reading, and cooking to create an effective productivity system.

Template available here

Gamified Notion Bullet Journal

7. Aesthetic Notion Bullet Journal Free

Sleek and aesthetic Notion bullet journal that shows a digital bullet journal can be as good as a physical one. With daily, weekly, and monthly logs, plus space for organizing notes, it's a great choice for trying bullet journaling in Notion free.

Template available here

Aesthetic Notion Bullet Journal

8. Notion Bullet Journal

French Notion Bullet Journal in a simple, minimalist style, featuring elegant layouts and streamlined designs for organized, aesthetically pleasing note-taking and productivity.

Template available here

Notion Bullet Journal

9. Studio Ghibli Aesthetic Bullet Journal Notion

Notion template for Studio Ghibli aesthetics lovers to help you organize your life and achieve your goals. It includes sections for various areas, such as a Notion meal planner, Notion fitness & workout, Notion finance, and more. It also has a daily journal, habit tracking, and notes section like a usual bullet journal.

Template available here

Studio Ghibli Aesthetic Bullet Journal Notion

10. Aesthetic Bullet Journal for Notion

This aesthetic bullet journal is a great choice for students. It has space for class schedules, academic logs, and reading lists. Of course, it also includes areas for journaling, daily goals, and reminders. Made with aesthetic widgets, icons, and images.

Template available here

Aesthetic Bullet Journal for Notion

11. Simple Notion Bullet Journal

Track your tasks, moods, activities, habits, goals, and more with this Notion bullet journal. Make the most of your day by organizing your to-do's and capturing your thoughts and reflections.

Template available here

Simple Notion Bullet Journal

12. Bullet Journal Notion

Notion template based on the Bullet Journal framework to help you track, monitor, and complete your monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. Don't forget important events, notes, priority tasks, and never lose inspiration again.

Template available here

Bullet Journal Notion

How to Use Notion as a Bullet Journal

Want to create a Notion bullet journal on your own? You can by following these steps. However, if you're in a rush, we recommend checking free Notion templates as a base to create a customized look and features on your own. You can check these aesthetic Notion templates for an inspiration.

1. Create a New Notion Page

  • Start by creating a new page in Notion. You can choose a blank page or use a template provided by Notion or from the Notion community.

2. Set Up Your Journal Sections

  • Daily Logs: Create a section for daily logs where you can jot down tasks, events, and notes for each day. You can use a table, list, or calendar view depending on your preference.
  • Monthly Logs: Have a section for monthly overviews where you can list major tasks, events, and goals for the month. Notion's databases can help organize these neatly.
  • Future Logs: Plan ahead by creating a section for future logs where you can note down tasks or events that are upcoming but not yet scheduled for a specific day.
How to build Notion bullet journal

3. Use Bullet Journal Symbols

  • Utilize Notion’s text formatting options or emojis to create symbols similar to those used in traditional bullet journals (e.g., bullets for tasks, dashes for notes, circles for events).

4. Track Tasks and Events

  • Create checkboxes for tasks so you can mark them as complete when done. Notion allows you to toggle these checkboxes easily.
  • Use calendar views for events to get a visual representation of your schedule. You can link events to specific days in your daily logs.

5. Add Custom Properties

  • Notion allows you to add custom properties to your entries. You can create properties like priority (high, medium, low), status (pending, in progress, completed), or tags (work, personal) to further organize your journal.

6. Create an Aesthetic Notion Bullet Journal

To make your Notion bullet journal visually appealing:

Icons and Covers:

  • Section Covers: Choose custom covers for each section (Daily Logs, Monthly Logs) using aesthetic images or icons.
  • Iconography: Use emojis or custom icons consistently throughout your journal to visually represent tasks, events, and notes.

Fonts and Colors:

  • Fonts: Experiment with different fonts for headers and text to match your aesthetic. Keep it consistent for a cohesive look.
  • Color Themes: Select a pleasing color palette for backgrounds, headers, and icons. Stick to these colors to maintain visual harmony.

Layout and Design:

  • Grid Layout: Organize your journal with a clean grid layout for a structured appearance.
  • Whitespace: Use whitespace effectively to enhance readability and create a balanced layout.

Introduction and Consistency:

  • Introductory Page: Start with an introductory page featuring a decorative cover image or quote that sets the tone for your journal.
  • Visual Consistency: Ensure consistency in styling across all sections with fonts, colors, and icons.

Example Setup:

  • Section Covers: Use minimalist or nature-themed images for section covers.
  • Icons: Employ icons like 🌿 for Daily Logs and 🗓️ for Monthly Logs.
  • Fonts and Colors: Opt for a modern font style with a soft color palette like pastels or earth tones.
  • Layout: Arrange sections neatly in a grid layout with ample whitespace.

By implementing these tips, you can create an aesthetically pleasing Notion bullet journal that enhances organization and motivation.

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