15+ Best Notion Bullet Journal Templates (How to Use)

Modest Mitkus
April 4, 2024

Looking for an easy way to track your tasks, stay organized, and boost productivity? You're in luck! By transforming Notion into a bullet journal, you can achieve just that. Notion's versatility allows you to create customized templates tailored to your unique needs. In just a moment, we'll delve into a collection of the best Notion bullet journal templates that will take your productivity to new heights.

These templates cater to various aspects of your life, from daily to-do lists and goal tracking to habit formation and project management. Say goodbye to scattered notes and endless post-it reminders; with Notion's bullet journal templates, you can consolidate everything in one place and stay on top of your tasks effortlessly.

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Now, let's get back to the Best Notion Bullet Journal templates!

1. Free Bullet Journal Notion Template

Struggling to maintain a consistent daily routine and keep track of important habits you want to cultivate? Use this Notion Bullet Journal to turn the chaos of your day-to-day life into a streamlined system. Write, track, and coordinate your life from one place.

What you’ll get:

  • A space to write down everything about your day. Your morning and night routine, thoughts, feelings. Things you’re grateful for, to-do lists, priorities, and more.
  • A space to write down and track habits you want to achieve

The best part? This Notion template is free!

Template available here

Notion Bullet Journal

2. Free Notion Daily Journal Template

Finding it challenging to maintain a positive outlook and express gratitude amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life? Have a free place to unwind every day. Use Notion Daily Journal to keep a track of what happened in your day.

What you'll get:

  • a space for journaling
  • a space to store daily moments and how they made you feel

Write, reflect and learn more from your days. The best part? This template is free!

Template available here

Notion Daily Journal

3. Digital Bullet Journal Notion Template

Use this comprehensive Notion Bullet Journal template to stay organized in 2022 (I’m sure it will work just fine on 2023 too).

With over 450 pages, including an annual goals planner, quarterly reviews, monthly, weekly, and daily logs, a calendar, and a habit tracker, this template has everything you need to plan and track your tasks and events. The calendar is accessible in various logs, and the habit tracker can be viewed in both daily and monthly logs.

Use this Notion template to write down your goals and stay productive while working towards the life you want.

Template available here

2022 Super Bullet Journal Notion Template

4. Notion Bullet Journal Templates

Having your own Mind Palace sounds unbelievably amazing, right?

In this template you will find:

  • Future Log for storing dated entries beyond the current month, offering a glimpse of your future goals.
  • Notes Journal to record interesting facts, ideas, and observations.
  • Mind Palace for organizing daily notes into various sections for future use, with pre-created sections and customizable options.
  • And more

Template available here

Notion Bullet Journal Template

5. Notion Digital Bullet Journal Templates

This all-in-one template is designed to help you organize your life and be more productive. Also, looks aesthetically pleasing.

It includes:

  • 3 sections: Desk, Planner & Habit tracker
  • Minimalistic, cool & aesthetic
  • Designed to increase productivity

It also has 3 more pages: a Journal page, a Notepad page, and a "Big Goals Into Small Actions" goal planner page.

Template available here

Digital Bullet Journal

6. Notion Complete Daily Journal

Make your life more meaningful and focused with an easy-to-use Notion Bullet Journal.

  • Designed to increase productivity
  • Prepare for the day by assessing feelings, practicing gratitude, and envisioning the perfect day.
  • Review your day with star ratings, improvement suggestions, and open journaling.
  • Reflect on life using the relation prompt property, which includes 52 prompts across six categories.
  • And more

Template available here

Complete Daily Journal

7. Notion Gratitude Journal

Recharge your day with these 5Notion Bullet Journal templates created to boost a positivity in you.

  • Helps you reframe your thinking and practice gratitude each day
  • Get more clarity about the things you really wish to achieve
  • Break through mental blocks and take steps towards your goals and dreams

Template available here

Daily Gratitude & Affirmation Notion Journal

8. Notion Gratitude Journal

Feel like you need more gratitude in your life? Colorful pastel theme Notion journaling template will make your writing experience joyful.

  • Handpicked Quotes: Start your day with inspiration from carefully selected quotes that boost positivity and encourage gratitude.
  • Daily Mood Journal: Track your daily moods and emotions.
  • Pastel Theme Journal: Enjoy design that adds a touch of brightness and cheerfulness to your daily journaling routine.

Template available here

9. Notion Life Journal

Create, accomplish, and review your biggest goals—all in one place with Notion Life Journal template.

  • All-in-one Notion journaling & goal-setting system
  • 5 pre-made databases: Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, Years)
  • Built-in daily metric tracking to help review your progress
  • Journaling templates with prompts to encourage deeper journaling and reviewing

Template available here

10. Notion 31-Day Journalling Challenge

The Notion 31-Day Journaling Challenge is an excellent way to incorporate journaling into your daily routine.

Template available here

Notion 31-Day Journalling Challenge

11. Aesthetic Notion Bullet Journal Template

Love bullet journaling but want to switch to a digital solution? Try out this aesthetictly pleasing Notion Bullet Journal template!

  • Journaling section
  • Tasks & Events
  • Habit Tracker

Template available here

Aesthetic Notion Bullet Journal Template

12. Notion Mindfulness Journal

This Bullet Journal Notion Template is crafted to give you a little corner for daily mindfulness moments and a neat spot for tracking your photo diary. Enjoy the blend of self-reflection and visual memories in one place!

  • A space to do some reflection in the morning (sun symbol)
  • A space to do some reflection at night (moon symbol)

Template available here

Notion Mindfulness Journal

13. Minimalist Bullet Journal Template

The Bullet Journal Method is a proven technique embraced globally, helping people enhance their lives through effective time management, goal setting, and productivity. The best part? This minimalist Notion bullet journal template lets you reap all these benefits in just 5 minutes a day!

  • Understand your past mistakes
  • Find out exactly how to change your life right now
  • Plan and actually accomplish the goals you’ve set

Template available here

14. Notion Dream Journal

Use this Notion template to log all your dreams, track your emotions, and remember your favourite dreams.

  • Describe the details of your dream
  • Write your interpretation
  • Log who was in your dream
  • Upload a sketch of your dream

Template available here

15. Notion Bullet Journal Template

This colorful theme Notion Bullet Journal includes an overall system to help you manage your life and clear your mind, including:

  • A task planner for your daily tasks
  • An entries page
  • A specific page for each day of the year 2023
  • A special journal template
  • A "to-do" checklist
  • A calming Spotify playlist

With this template, you can easily incorporate journaling into your daily routine and benefit from the clarity and organization it provides.

Template available here

Notion Bullet Journal

16. The 2-Minute Journaling Template

Consistency is essential for success with any habit, and regular bullet journaling can help you structure your days, improve your focus, and eliminate distractions, leading to increased productivity.

This Notion template is designed to make journaling quick and easy. With a daily entry time of only 2 minutes, it's simple to stay consistent with bullet journaling.

Template available here

The 2-Minute Journalling Template

How to Use Notion as a Bullet Journal?

Using Notion as a Bullet Journal provides a structured and efficient way to organize your life. Here's how you can make the most of this versatile tool:

  1. Create Your Bullet Journal Database: Start by setting up a new database in Notion. You can use the "Table" or "Board" view to customize your journal to suit your preferences.
  2. Daily Journal Entries: Create a page for each day, and use it to jot down your tasks, events, thoughts, and reflections. You can add headers like "Morning Routine," "To-Do List," "Gratitude," and "Evening Reflections" to keep your entries organized.
  3. Weekly and Monthly Overviews: Use different pages to create weekly and monthly overviews. This helps you visualize your upcoming schedule and plan accordingly.
  4. Habit Tracking: To build positive habits, add a habit tracker to your journal. Create a table with habits as columns and each day as rows. Fill in the cells to track your daily progress.
  5. Goal Setting and Tracking: Set specific goals and create a dedicated page to track your progress. You can use checkboxes, progress bars, or timeline views to monitor milestones.
  6. Collections and Inspirations: Use separate pages for various collections like books to read, movies to watch, or travel plans. You can also add inspirational quotes or images to keep you motivated.
  7. Tags and Filters: Utilize Notion's tagging and filtering features to categorize and organize your entries. This allows for quick access to specific information.
  8. Sync and Access Anywhere: Notion is cloud-based, enabling easy access across devices. Whether you're on your computer, phone, or tablet, your Bullet Journal is always within reach.
  9. Customize and Experiment: Feel free to customize your Bullet Journal as your needs change. Experiment with different layouts, colors, and templates to find what works best for you.

By using Notion as a Bullet Journal, you can streamline your life, improve productivity, and stay focused on your goals—all within one organized and accessible digital space.

However, if you're feeling lazy to set up a bullet journal on Notion by yourself, feel free to download a free Notion Bullet Journal template from our list (we recommend numbers 1 and 2 as the best choices).

Haven't found what you were looking for? Make sure to explore our list of 70+ Best & Free Notion Templates.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Notion for Bullet Journaling?

Yes, you can absolutely use Notion for bullet journaling! Notion's flexible and customizable features make it an excellent tool for creating a digital bullet journal that suits your needs.

With Notion, you can create and organize various bullet journal collections, visualize them in different ways, and incorporate multimedia elements to make them more engaging. Additionally, Notion's collaborative features make it easy to share your bullet journal with others or work on it as a team.

Is Notion a good app for journaling?

Yes, Notion is a great app for journaling.

Notion offers a flexible and customizable platform for creating and managing digital journals. With Notion, you can easily create and organize your journal entries, add multimedia elements such as images, videos, and audio recordings, and customize your journal to fit your personal preferences.

Additionally, Notion allows you to easily search and filter your journal entries to find specific information quickly.

How do you start a bullet journal Notion?

To start a bullet journal in Notion, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Notion Account: Sign up or log in to your Notion account.
  2. Start a New Page: Click on "New" and select "Page" to create a new page for your bullet journal.
  3. Choose a Template: Opt for a pre-made Notion template or start from scratch.
  4. Add Sections: Create sections like "Daily Log," "Monthly Overview," "Habit Tracker," and "Goals."
  5. Customize Layout: Arrange and customize your page with text, headings, checkboxes, and media.
  6. Add Content: Begin adding your daily tasks, events, thoughts, and any other relevant information.
  7. Experiment and Adapt: Adjust the layout and sections as needed to suit your preferences and needs.
  8. Stay Consistent: Make journaling a regular habit to benefit from its organizational power.