22 Powerful Notion Marketing Templates [Free & Premium]

Modest Mitkus
April 4, 2024

Marketing is vital for every business. Success is hard to achieve without it, especially when you have many other tasks to manage. The good news is that you don't need to be a marketing expert to grow your business anymore.

With the 22 Best Notion Marketing Templates, you can start connecting with customers and driving engagement right from day one, without the need for an expensive marketing team or understanding complex marketing systems. Manage all your marketing content across channels and organize assets, campaigns, and teams in one place.

Looking for powerful Notion templates to grow your business? Discover 15+ best Notion Business Templates. These templates give you everything you need to create, maintain, and scale your business.

Premium Notion Marketing Templates

Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with Premium Notion Marketing Templates. These comprehensive templates act as complete operating systems for content creation, catering to the needs of both marketing experts and content creation newbies. Organize, plan, and execute your marketing campaigns effortlessly, while ensuring consistency and efficiency across all platforms.

From social media planners to content systems, these templates offer a seamless workflow to enhance your marketing strategy and drive impressive results.

1. Premium Notion Marketing Templates - Ultimate Content System

Are you dreaming of creating and planning quality content seamlessly? Look no further! With the Premium Notion Marketing Templates by Notionway, it's easier than ever. The Notion Ultimate Content System provides a systematic approach to content creation, making the process faster and more efficient.

Wave goodbye to content creation struggles and embrace a new era of effortless content management. Get started today and begin creating inspiring content that captivates your audience across various platforms.

Notion Ultimate Content System Key Features:

  • Create and plan endless quality content faster and easier than ever.
  • Never again run out of content ideas or be stuck with writer's block.
  • Track your growth and keep aligned with your content goals.
  • More than 15 Notion marketing templates that will help you create and plan quality content faster.

Template available here

Premium Notion Marketing Templates - Content Planner

2. Premium Notion Marketing Templates - Social Media Kit

Looking for the easiest way to plan and grow your social media channels? Look no further than the Notion Social Media Kit! Inside, you'll discover everything you need to elevate your presence across 7 of the most popular social media platforms.

These Premium Notion marketing templates will efficiently organize all your content, ensuring you never miss a beat on the channels that matter most to your business. Simplify your social media strategy and watch your accounts flourish!

Notion Social Media Kit Key Features:

  • Uncover tips, tools, and more for the 7 most popular social media channels.
  • Simplify your marketing content creation with a social media content planner.
  • Over 50+ questions to craft your social media marketing strategy.
  • 240+ tips for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok, or Youtube.

Template available here

Premium Notion Marketing Templates - Social Media Kit

Free Notion Marketing Templates

Explore the world of Notion for marketing with our Free Notion Marketing Templates. While these templates are more straightforward than the premium versions, they offer a great opportunity to try out Notion's capabilities in enhancing your marketing game.

3. Free Notion Content System

Feeling stuck at content creation? Don't worry; we have the perfect solution for you - the Free Notion Content System! While it may be free, don't underestimate its potential to help you overcome creative blocks and create more engaging and converting content.

This Notion marketing template provides you with the structure and organization you need to streamline your content creation process and spark new ideas.

Template available here

Free Notion Marketing Template for Content

4. Free Social Media Marketing Template Notion

Take the stress out of social media content management with the free Notion Social Media Planner! This free Notion marketing template provides a simple and effective system for planning and organizing your content across different platforms.

Say goodbye to scattered ideas and disorganized schedules as you streamline your social media strategy in one centralized location.

Template available here

Free Social Media Marketing Template Notion

5. Free Notion Strategy Template for Business

To create a powerful marketing strategy that truly works for your business, clarity is key. With so many aspects to consider in the creation and development of your small business, it's easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Fortunately, this free Notion template for clarifying your small business will be your guiding light.

Sort and organize all the essential details and information about your business, to grow with confidence.

Template available here

Free Notion Strategy Template for Business

Email Marketing Notion Templates

Unlock the potential of your email marketing campaigns with our pick of the best Email Marketing Notion Templates. These templates are designed to streamline your email marketing efforts, making it easier than ever to plan, create, and track your campaigns. From content planners to performance trackers, these templates provide a comprehensive solution for managing your email marketing strategy.

6. Newsletter Writing System for Notion

Streamline your newsletter creation process with Newsletter Wizard, the all-in-one writing system. Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps and tabs – this tool keeps everything in one organized place. With inspiring templates, analytics tracking, and CRM integration, you'll write newsletters faster and see what works best. Forget the overwhelm and focus on business growth.

Template available here

Newsletter Writing System for Notion

7. Email OS: Notion Template

Simplify your email marketing freelancing with the Email OS. No more juggling multiple tabs and software. This all-in-one solution offers briefs, templates, a resource database, and goal tracking. Be an efficient project manager for your clients and have everything in one place. Save time and money with the this email marketing Notion template.

Email OS: Notion Template

8. Newsletter Operating System (Notion Dashboard)

Boost your newsletter game with the Newsletter Operating System – a comprehensive Notion dashboard designed to streamline curating, writing, and growing newsletters. With over 1400 copies sold, this tool is the result of 150+ hours of work by the creator of the successful BrainPint newsletter. Save time and effort, and elevate your newsletters to new heights!

Template available here

Newsletter Operating System (Notion Dashboard)

9. Newsletter Kit

Power your newsletter with the All-in-one Notion Dashboard. Curate, write, manage, and monetize your newsletter efficiently in one place. Gain access to templates, curation hub, promotion workflow, ads management, pre-drafted email templates, growth and monetization guides, learning resources, and more.

Template available here

Newsletter Kit

10. The Newsletter Growth Deck

Supercharge your newsletter growth and monetization with the Newsletter Growth Deck. This all-in-one Notion dashboard simplifies your operations, ensuring you never miss a task or struggle with email writing. Manage unlimited newsletters or podcasts effortlessly in one customizable space. Whether it's one or ten newsletters, this tool has got you covered.

Template avaialble here

 The Newsletter Growth Deck

Notion Marketing Templates for Product Launch

Take your product launches to new heights with our Notion Marketing Templates for Product Launch. These templates are specifically designed to help you plan, organize, and execute successful product launches with ease. From pre-launch checklists to post-launch performance trackers, these templates cover every aspect of your product launch strategy.

11. Product Launch OS

Maximize product launches with our Comprehensive Product Launch Kit. Unleash powerful strategies, 1000+ resources, and iconic design templates for efficient launches. Proven with 100+ successes, it's your go-to for future launches too. From pre-launch to post-launch, we've got you covered. Access tested templates, implement strategies with your team, control momentum, and convert supporters into loyal customers.

Template available here

Product Launch OS

12. UserBooster

UserBooster, the ultimate Notion template, empowers founders with a clear, time-tested plan for a confident launch. Stress less, focus on your vision, and make a lasting impact on the world. Get proven strategies to help you prioritize your actions and launch your product effectively. Focus on what’s most important, craete efficient marketing startegies with this Notion marketing template for product launches.

Template available here

Notion User Booster

13. Product Marketing OS

Product Marketing OS is the ultimate Notion marketing dashboard for outstanding Product Marketers. Elevate your skills with a complete workspace, best practices, and customizable templates for strategy, planning, and content creation. Collaborate and share knowledge seamlessly. Nail every aspect of product marketing, drive success for your company, and embark on a journey of skill improvement together.

Template available here

Notion Product Marketing OS

14. Notion Startup OS

Experience seamless startup management with Startup OS, your all-in-one solution for planning, launching, and growing your startup on Notion. Join over 1000 successful startups and access +60 ready-to-use, customizable templates for every aspect of your journey.

Template available

Notion Startup OS

SEO Marketing Templates Notion

Boost your website's visibility and rankings with our Notion SEO Marketing Templates. These templates are tailored to help you optimize your website for search engines and drive organic traffic. From keyword research and content planning to tracking your SEO performance, these templates have got you covered.

Whether you're an SEO expert or just getting started with search engine optimization, these Notion templates will assist you in implementing effective SEO strategies and improving your website's online presence

15. SEO Bundle for Notion

Boost your Google rankings with the SEO Bundle – a collection of powerful Notion SEO marketing templates. Optimize your content, learn SEO techniques, and leverage ChatGPT and AI to kickstart successful campaigns, all within Notion.

Template available here

SEO Bundle for Notion

16. Easy SEO Checklist - Notion Template

Unlock the power of organic traffic with the Easy SEO Checklist. Discover a proven and effortless way to skyrocket your website's visibility and boost organic traffic.

Template available here

Easy SEO Checklist - Notion Template

Other Notion Marketing Templates

Explore a world of opportunities with our diverse selection of Other Notion Marketing Templates. Whether you're a business owner, freelancer, marketing specialist, or content creator, we have thoughtfully curated the best templates to cater to your unique requirements. Discover the perfect tools to streamline your marketing efforts and boost productivity, all within the Notion ecosystem.

17. Notion Freelancer Pack

Supercharge your freelance marketing with the Notion Freelancer Pack – an all-in-one template system designed to streamline and elevate your marketing efforts. Manage your marketing strategies, pricing, services, clients, portfolio, invoices, and more, all in one place. Stay organized, boost productivity, and move your freelance marketing in the right direction with 40+ ready-to-use templates. No matter your niche, take control of your time, improve your marketing game, and propel your freelance career to new heights!

Template available here

Notio Freelancer Pack

18. Notion E-commerce Business Kit

Effortlessly run a successful e-commerce business with the Notion Ecommerce Business KIT – an all-in-one package designed for small business owners. Simplify your operations, manage everything from inventory to orders, marketing, and customer support, all in one place. Save time, stay productive, and propel your e-commerce journey forward with 30+ ready-to-use templates.

Template available here

Notion Ecommerce Business Kit

19. Marketer's Toolkit

Unleash your marketing potential with the Battle-tested Marketer's Toolkit – a collection of essential templates built to endure the challenges marketers face. From content planning to analytics, CRM, swipe file, and goals tracking, these templates optimize your performance in any role. Designed and tested by a seasoned marketer, these non-negotiable tools will elevate your marketing game and streamline daily tasks. Embrace efficiency and become a top-notch marketer with ease!

Template available here

Notion Marketer's Toolkit

20. Notion Business Hub

Centralize your business with Notion Business Hub, the advanced Notion template for startups, SaaS, and online businesses. Organize products, marketing, growth, teams, projects, strategies, and finances all in one place. Empower leaders and teams with an efficient workspace for building, running, and excelling in business.

Template available here

Notion Business Hub

21. Growth Marketing Strategy Notion Template

Template available here

Growth Marketing Strategy Notion Template

22. Competitive Market Analysis

Template available here

Competitive Market Analysis

Want to increase your productivity in your personal and business life? Make sure to check our list of 15+ Best Notion Productivity Templates.

Frequently asked questions

Is Notion good for content creators?

Yes, Notion can be an excellent tool for content creators. It offers a flexible and customizable workspace for organizing and managing various aspects of content creation, such as research, writing, editing, and publishing.

With Notion, content creators can create databases, project management boards, and editorial calendars, among other tools. It also offers integration with other apps, such as Google Drive and Trello, to streamline workflows. Additionally, Notion's user-friendly interface and collaborative features make it a popular choice for content teams.

How do you plan social media content in Notion?

One of the easiest ways to plan your social media content is by using Notion social media templates, they can be free or paid, and can be customized to fit your specific needs. To use a Notion social media template, simply select one from our curated list, import it into your Notion workspace, and start customizing it with your own content.

Most templates come pre-built with sections for planning, scheduling, and tracking your social media posts, as well as other useful features like content calendars and analytics trackers.

Can you post social media from Notion?

No, Notion doesn't have a built-in feature to post directly to social media platforms. However, you can use Notion to plan and organize your social media content by creating a social media calendar, tracking your analytics, and keeping a record of your ideas and inspiration. There are also third-party tools that allow you to schedule and post to social media from Notion, such as Zapier or Buffer.