The 10 Best Notion Recipe Templates

Modest Mitkus
April 4, 2024

Do you have hundreds of saved recipes across all your social media channels? You promise yourself that you'll try them someday, but when the day comes, you can't even remember where and when you saved them.

You need to have a digital space to organize all your recipes. Notion Recipe templates are the perfect choice, even for those who are completely new to Notion. Sort recipes to your liking, rate them, set helpful reminders, automatically add ingredients to your grocery list, and so much more - there are dozens of templates available.

To make your life easier, we've handpicked the finest Notion recipe templates for you to explore. Get ready for some delightful culinary adventures!

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1. Free Notion Recipe Template

Quickly and easily add new recipes, categorize them, and keep track of all the ingredients and cooking instructions.

This template allows you to share your recipes with others, who can view and add their own. Best of all, it's free! Perfect for cooking enthusiasts who want organized and accessible recipes.

Template available here

Free Notion Recipe Template

2. Notion Recipe Book

Manage all of your recipes and stay on top of organization with this template's built-in meal planner.

This aesthetic Notion Recipe Template is designed with a grey-white-black theme and is suitable for Notion beginners. It's perfect for people with ADHD as it suggests meals you enjoy based on the ingredients you already have on hand.

Template available here

Notion Recipe Book

3. The Happy Kitchen Notion Recipe Template

A powerful and aesthetically pleasing recipe management, meal planning, and automated grocery list system for Notion.

Comes with a starter pack of 55 delicious plant-based recipes, and 200 grocery items have been pre-built to save you time. Stop making shopping lists manually over and over again. Make mealtime exciting again with almost no effort at all.

Template available here

The Happy Kitchen Notion Recipe Template

4. Notion Recipes Manager

Unlock culinary creativity with our Recipes Manager Notion template!

Easily organize and categorize your favorite recipes, track preparation time, list ingredients, and follow step-by-step instructions, add recipe videos for an immersive cooking experience and more.

Template available here

Notion Recipes Manager

5. Meal Organizer & Recipe Notion Template

Meal planning can be a tedious task, but it doesn't have to be. With the help of this intuitive and user-friendly Notion template specifically designed for organizing recipes and planning meals, you can streamline your cooking routine like never before.

Get quick access to your recipes and planned meals with a pastel-colored homepage.

Template available here

Meal Organizer & Recipe Notion Template

6. Notion Recipes Template

Experience the convenience of having everything in one place with the all-in-one Notion Recipes Template. Record and organize your favorite recipes, ingredients, kitchen inventory, and meal planning effortlessly.

Each recipe comes with a comprehensive template to easily add the method, ingredients with measurements, kitchen inventory, shopping list, and schedule meals in the meal planner with the recipe.

Template available here

Notion Recipes Template

7. Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template

A great template for storing recipes and planning meals. Get all ingredients in one trip, eat healthier, save time, and cut down on eating out.

Two versions available: standard and premium. Premium version offers the ultimate meal planning, cooking, and journaling experience with price trackers, food journal, allergy & intolerance list, and more.

Template available here

Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template

8. Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template

Embrace a busy lifestyle without compromising your health goals!

Using this template, you can effortlessly align your recipes, optimize meal planning, effectively track pantry items, and generate customized shopping lists based on your meal plan. Additionally, you'll find a convenient food and symptom diary that enables you to log your meals and observe how various foods impact your body.

Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template

9. Notion Meal Plan/Recipe Book Template

Looking for a really simple way to meal plan for the week? Try this Notion template.

You can use it with a Save To Notion Chrome extension to save recipes directly from websites into your personalized recipe database within Notion. No need to juggle between different platforms or worry about losing track of delicious ideas that catch your eye while browsing online.

Template available here

Notion Meal Plan/Recipe Book Template

10. "ThatGirl" Recipe Book

More than 100 recipes inside Notion, that will inspire you to cook, eat, and live better.

Plan your meals, track your groceries, and make healthy and delicious eating a breeze. ThatGirl Recipe Book is not just a digital scrapbook for recipes. It's a customisable Notion template that can transform your eating habits and your lifestyle.

Template available here

"ThatGirl" Recipe Book

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