The Best Notion Templates for Freelancers (2024 Update)

Modest Mitkus
April 4, 2024

Freelancing may sound appealing, but it is not always simple. One of the most crucial tasks for freelancers is to stay organized. The good news is that there are Notion templates for freelancers that can help you manage your clients, projects, deadlines, invoices, and much more - all from one place.

To assist you further, we have curated a list of the best Notion Freelancer Templates for you to review and choose from.

P.S. If you're looking for complete Notion systems that would transform the way you manage your business and attract clients, we highly recommend checking Premium Notion Templates.

1. Freelancer Pack - 40+ Notion Templates for Freelancers

When freelancing, it's challenging not to feel overwhelmed, as everything rests on you – from finding clients to completing the job. The Notion Freelancer Pack comprises 40+ templates designed to aid freelancers in managing their entire business from a single platform.

It doesn't matter if you're a photographer, graphic designer, copywriter, or any specialist – Notion templates for freelancers offer limitless scalability. Customize, scale, and adjust workspaces according to your needs whenever you wish.

Notion Templates for Freelancers Key Features:

Inside you can expect to find everything from describing your freelance business niche to pricing, and services. To manage your clients, portfolio, invoices, sales and so much much more! Ready for you to use, adjust and progress in your freelance business journey.

  • More than 40+ Notion freelancer templates for your business
  • Manage your clients, portfolio, invoices, sales and so much much more
  • 4 separate workspaces: freelance, work, learn, tools for sharper focus
  • Whole system based on the most effective freelance practices

Template available here.

Notion Templates for Freelancers

2. Notion Freelancer CRM Templates

With this Notion freelancer template, you can create a structured prospection process, manage projects with clients, and send personalized sales proposals. The template includes a freelancer workspace, multiple databases structured like CRMs, a sales proposal template, and a "second brain" for taking notes.

It also includes detailed documentation to help you get started quickly.

Notion Freelancer CRM Templates Key Features:

All the tools required for effective freelancing business management:

  • Freelancer Workspace
  • 7+ databases (structured as robust CRMs, like Salesforce)
  • Sales proposal template to share with clients

Template available here.

Notion All-In-One Freelancer CRM Template

3. The Complete Notion Freelancer Setup

The Complete Freelancer Setup is created to help you manage your projects, clients, finances, and daily tasks in one place - Notion.

With this template, you can easily organize and track all of the important information and tasks related to your freelance business. You can manage your projects individually, keep all of your client information and documents organized, track your expenses, and stay on top of your daily tasks.

The Complete Notion Freelancer Setup Key Features:

This template provides a convenient and user-friendly dashboard for managing all aspects of your freelance business.

  • Client Surveys. Drive strategy charging by guiding clients through questions. Evaluate potential clients.
  • Project Proposal. Land top-notch projects with a versatile Figma proposal.  
  • Notion Templates. Streamline projects, clients, finances, and tasks in one user-friendly Notion Dashboard.

Template available here

The Complete Notion Freelancer Setup

4. Notion Freelancer Templates Pro System

Those Notion templates for freelancers are designed specifically for web designers and Webflow Developers who are prepared to view themselves as independent business owners. They function as a Notion hub, encompassing all the necessary freelancer processes.

Inside, you will find a $10K+ Website Roadmap that provides the essential elements for charging 10K or more for a website.

Notion Freelancer Templates Pro System Key Features:

Freelancer Pro System is divided into 5 stages:

  • Strategy
  • Content Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Webflow Development
  • Post-Launch Support

Template available here.

Notion Freelancer Pro System

5. Notion Freelancer Templates for Portfolio

The Notion Portfolio Component Kit is designed to help you create a professional and engaging portfolio website. The kit includes over 60 pre-built components, as well as a homepage template, footer layouts, navigation sections, case study layouts, sign-up components, social layouts, and more.

With this pack, you can create a portfolio page in minutes by copying and pasting the pre-built components, or you can use the included components to create your own custom page. The kit also includes a readme file with instructions for using the components.

Notion Freelancer Templates for Portfolio Key Features:

All the essential tools for constructing your freelance business portfolio within Notion.

  • Homepage Template
  • Footer layouts
  • Navigation Sections
  • Feature/ Benefits
  • Case study layouts

Template available here.

Notion Creative Portfolio Component Kit

6. Notion Freelancer Template for Sales

The Notion Freelance Sales template is created to help freelancers improve their sales and pitch and close more contracts. The template includes a complete workflow for managing the sales process, from initial prospecting to closing the deal.

It is built using Notion, Figma, and Zapier, and is designed to be easy to use and customize.

Notion Freelancer Template for Sales Key Features:

With this template, you can streamline your sales process, stay organized, and increase your chances of success.

Template available here.

Optimization Sales Workflow - Notion Freelancer template

7. Notion Developer Template for Freelancers

This Notion freelancer template offers a collection of pre-made pages to help you arrange, oversee, and enhance your life and career as a Dev/Designer. It streamlines your life – no more cluttered bookmarks, lost documents, or scattered files.

Notion Developer Template for Freelancers Key Features:

Straightforward and easy to use the template is divided into Personal and Professional sections.

  • Made especially for developers and designers
  • Has job hunting tracker
  • Templates for Resume, Projects, Design inspiration database and more

Template available here.

Notion Ultimate Developer Template

8. Notion Client Tasks & Communication Manager

This Notion Freelancer template is here to help you manage your communication with clients, organize their projects and tasks, and track your team's productivity. It allows you to automatically schedule follow-ups with clients and view the status of upcoming and overdue items.

It can be integrated with your CRM to provide a comprehensive view of your interactions with clients.

Notion Client Tasks & Communication Manager Key Features:

This template enables you to:

• Record communication with clients, manage their projects and the tasks that feed into them

• Automatically schedule follow ups with clients

• Keep track of your / your team's productivity

Template available here.

Notion Client Tasks & Communication Manager

9. Notion Pack - Freelance Templates

This Notion template for freelancers enables you to manage proposals, service-level agreements, project timelines, and more. Save hundreds of hours with ready-to-use templates. Set up within minutes and customize easily to match your client's brand. Export to PDF or collaborate directly within Notion.

Notion Pack - Freelance Templates Key Features:

  • Service Level Agreement: comprehensible and easy to update
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: plug and play to any company
  • Proposal: 6 page doc optimized to close deals

Template available here.

Notion Pack - Freelance Templates

10. Notion Client Proposal Template

The client proposal template serves as an ideal solution tailored to the needs of service-based businesses (or freelancers) actively engaged in the practice of crafting detailed proposals for their client work. This template offers a comprehensive framework that helps to efficiently structure and present proposals.

Notion Client Proposal Template Key Features:

  • Section jumping to easily approve the proposal
  • Uses Chilipepper forms to collect a proposal approval signature
  • Toggle Headers to easily callout elements of your customer journey, deliverables & more

Template available here.

Notion Client Proposal Template

11. Notion Freelancer Templates - Client Onboarding Portal

If you're a creative freelancer looking to save time, enhance your client acquisition through a distinct service approach, and streamline feedback/version tracking, the Notion Freelancer Templates cater precisely to your needs. Access a project dashboard for comprehensive project storage and management. Highlight pre-kickoff discussion points within the Risk Assessment segment. Enjoy efficient file organization in the Resources database, along with additional features.

Notion Freelancer Client Onboarding Portal Key Features:

  • All your clients and processes in one place
  • Smooth and fast clients onboarding
  • Easy to edit templates

Template available here.

Notion Freelancer Client Onboarding Portal

12. Master Swipe File - Notion Templates For Creatives

If you're a creator of some kind, you know how important inspiration is. It's the primary ingredient in your masterpiece recipe. Unfortunately, inspiration tends to be missing when you need it the most. And luckily, some things can get you inspired.

A Swipe File is a collection of sparks for creativity. And this Notion template is going to make creating your own swipe file easy.

Notion Master Swipe File Key Features:

  • The full Master Swipe File page
  • Examples so you see exactly how it works
  • Detailed instructions on how to use it,

Template available here.

Master Swipe File - A Notion Template For Creators

Haven't found what you were looking for? Make sure to explore our list of 70+ Best & Free Notion Templates.

Frequently asked questions

How do freelancers use Notion?

Freelancers harness Notion for:

  • Project Management: Tracking tasks and deadlines.
  • Client Communication: Centralizing client interactions and documents.
  • Content Creation: Collaborating on articles and creative work.
  • Portfolio Showcase: Displaying skills and achievements.
  • Knowledge Base: Storing resources and templates.
  • Time Tracking: Recording work hours.
  • Goal Setting: Monitoring progress and growth.
  • Invoicing: Managing finances.
  • Learning: Curating resources for skill development.

Is Notion good for freelancers?

Notion stands out as a top choice for freelancers due to:

  • A rich array of features tailored for freelance needs.
  • Easily adaptable workflows that cater to your specific requirements.
  • Remarkable organizational prowess, ensuring effective project and client work management.

Many freelancers agree that Notion is idead tool for managing projects and client work.

Is it okay to use Notion for work?

Certainly, Notion is widely used for work purposes. It offers a versatile platform to streamline tasks, collaborate on projects, manage information, and organize workflows. Many professionals, including freelancers, remote teams, and businesses, find Notion's features adaptable for various work-related activities. It's a valuable tool for enhancing productivity, collaboration, and organization in the workplace.